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Bleak day at Adevarul Holding: fired employees and cut salaries. What are the restructuring numbers?



Adevarul Holding is undergoing those days through new restructuring. After the recent announcement on Forbes Romania’s closing, a restructuring plan is being implemented. The restructuration includes firing most of the employees in IT and marketing, a move to be followed by layoffs within in the editorial staff.

Razvan Ionescu, former editorial director of Adevarul and coordinator of an online project developed by Cristi Burci, was the one broke to Adevarul’s employees the news on salaries cuts to follow. According to him, employees that earn until RON 4,500 (@Euro 1,000) will see their paycheck reduced by 15%, while the one earning bigger amounts will see their salary reduced by 25%.

Ionescu also proposed to journalists to sign a no pay holiday demand for September, so they won’t get any money for the current month, but that option was categorically rejected by employees.

The restructuring will affect around 25-30 people in Adevarul’s news room and 10 from Click. From Forbes team, that had a total of 15 people, a few will be working in the future for Adevarul. Other layoffs are to be operated within Adevarul Holding’s printing houses, books department and Adevarul’s book stores.

Autor: Petrişor Obae

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