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LinkedIn mentions, monitored by ZeList Monitor



Starting September 26th, Zelist Monitor added to its over 140,000 online monitoring sources a new category of mentions, on LinkedIn (the biggest professional network in the world).

Over 5,300 mentions were made between September 19-25 on the over 1,141 monitored groups. During a week, there were almost 900 mentions a day, while, on week-ends, the number of monitored mentions is of 500 daily.

From the over 1,141 monitored LinkedIn groups, 382 are groups with at least 1 post during the last month, 615 are groups with at least a post during last half a year and 694 are sources that had at least one post during this year.

Even if the activity on LinkedIn groups is limited, the appearances on this network are significant from the importance point of view. Mentions on LinkedIn have a high impact, considering the users profiles on this communication channel: 50% are decision factors within their companies or leaders in a certain domain, 95% graduated universities and 48% occupy management positions.

Monitoring appearances on LinkedIn facilitate the analysis of mentions that can become image problems and help manage problems even from incipient stage. With the real name, real picture and employer posted on the profile there can be established much faster if a presented situation can become an image crisis or can remain at a mention stage.

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Autor: Petrişor Obae

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