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Unconventional campaign for Drifting HBO series, from Romanian Propaganda



Romanian independent advertising agency Propaganda created an innovative campaign to launch the 2nd season of Romanian series Drifting, produced and distributed by HBO.
The campaign for the series, in which Marcel Iures has the leading role, takes place in October-November 2012 and is called “Drama lays in details”. The premiere of series’ new season will take place on November 5th.

The campaign uses the following mediums: outdoor, unconventional outdoor and online.
Campaign aims to create notoriety related to the launch date, to attract audience from among the people that followed the 1st season and also from the people that are enjoying psychological dramas.

Campaign’s concept:

The campaign describes a new type of action that comes from character’s interior storms. All their problems and fears are unveiled during therapy session, in an action that resides in the play of some very talented actors, in the emotions running on their face, in details that show drama.

About the unconventional outdoor

  • The title of the series – Drifting 2 – was exposed in University passage, as volumetric letter. If one gets closer, one can see basoreliefs expressing, in detail, dramas from therapy sessions presented in the movie.
  • To announce the seriesseries, as the new season is launching in the fall, Propaganda used a specific autumn detail: falling leaves. Couple thousands yellow leaves are flowing and drifting in Bucharest and have imprinted on them the face of the main character or details related to series’ launch date

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Autor: Petrişor Obae

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