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2M viewers hooked on “Las Fierbinti” (Pro TV)


Almost 2M Romanian viewers watched the comedy series “Las Fierbinti” on Thursday, with a little over 1M of them living in urban areas.

Ranking 2nd after Pro TV and Las Fierbinti was Kanal D – broadcasting Wheel of Fortune over the same time interval. Liviu Varciu hosted show had 1.5M viewers at national level, with 557,000 living in urban areas.

Antena 1 ranked 3rd, with “Next Top Model”, a show hosted by Romanian fashion designer Catalin Botezatu. The show had 734,000 viewers at national level.
An interesting presence in audience rankings is National TV, on the 4th place, almost catching up with Antena 1 on national and urban viewership. The TV station broadcasted, on Las Fierbinti interval, the Indian series “Paired Souls”.

TVR2 also came up with an audience surprise, ranking 5th at national level, with 463,000 viewers for the 2nd part of “Black Beard” adventure movie.

The golden minute at urban level was 20.56 – 1.28M people, while the golden minute nationally was 20.55, with 2.64M viewers.

On the commercial target, the best audience was of 631,000.

Detailed audience tables are available here.

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Autor: Petrişor Obae

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