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Over 1.5M Romanians, eyes on “Dancing with the stars”


The 2nd edition “Dancingnwith the stars” show on Pro TV lead in audiences, but had lower audiences compared to the debut of current season. The show was watched by 1.5 Romanians every minute, from which 916,000 living in urban areas.

The golden minute was 21.20, when 2.7M Romanians all over the country were watching “Dancing with the stars”, more than half of them (1.4M) from urban areas.

Antena 1, that broadcasted Van Helsing movie on Friday night, ranked 2nd on urban public and 3rd at national level. The station was outrun by Kanal D with “Wheel of Fortune”

TV audiences for November 2nd, “Dancing with the stars” interval, URBAN

1. Pro TV – 916,000 viewers (8.7 rtg)
2. Antena 1 – 422,000 (4)
3. Kanal D – 418,000 (4)

TV audiences for November 2nd, “Dancing with the stars” interval, NATIONAL

1. Pro TV – 1,520,000 viewers (8 rtg)
2. Kanal D – 954,000 (5)
3. Antena 1 – 607,000 (3.2)

An edition with bad luck: two stars, replaced

Two of the show’s stars suffered accidents last week and were replaced in the last moment. Monica Davidescu suffered an accident during the rehersals for the dance in the rain, one day before the contest and was replaced, Friday, with a former competitor in the show.

Starting this week, the show will have another star as protagonist, Roxana Ionescu.
Pavel Stratan was absent to a big part of the show also following an accident, as the singer hurt his back during rehersals. Stratan was replaced, in November 9th edition, by Marian Dragulescu, that left the show during the previous week, when he faced a duel with Stratan.

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