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Participation to Jurnalul National brand auction - Euro 168,000; Jurnalul National, executed by a printing house


The companies that want to participate to the auction organized to sell Jurnalul National brand can do that after they pay a deposit of Euro 168,000. The printing house executing Intact Publishing, G Canale & C SA published an announcement announcing the auction for Jurnalul National brand in today’s Adevarul newspaper.

According to the announcement, the cost to participate to the auction scheduled for November 29th is 10% from the starting cost. After an evaluation, the value for Jurnalul National brand was estimated at RON 7.6M (Euro 1.6M)

Intact Publishing was executed by G Canale & C SA for 171 order notes worth totally Euro 1.4M and that weren’t cashed in.

With the official announcement of the auction, SC G Canale & C SA also explained the reasons that lead to this situation.

The printing house demanded for Intact Publishing, that ows Jurnalul National, to be executed after it delivered “printing services for thousand copies of books in Library for all collection and other ones, merchandise that was delivered, received by the beneficiary and sold via SC Editura Intact SRL (…)” and after contesting with ill faith, by Intact, of the negociated and accepted contractual prices after 3 years of contractual relationship, exactly in the moment when the execution by the creditor started.

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Autor: Petrişor Obae

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