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Romanian Government want to change the Romanian Audiovisual Law, with an Ordinance



A project for an Government Ordinance creates waves on Romanian media market. The project could also affect CNA members (that could be fired by Parliament), but also the media agencies.

Romanian journalist Catalin Tolontan commented the project on his blog saying, among others, that if this project would be approved, “the agencies remain the ones that guide and order advertising for their client, loosing the secrecy on the prices communicated to the client, because they would be forced to also send the prices to the providers”.

The project was programmed for discussion during a session of Romanian Government, but wasn’t analyzed anymore.

Highlights from the Government Ordinance

• The appointment of CNA members – they have to have “theoretical knowledge and professional experience adequated to the nature, scope and complexity of CNA’s activity and the responsabilities they are given, and also at least 5 years of activity in audiovisual field. Also, they mustn’t have fiscal or judicial records
• Isolated TV ads – The isolated TV ads and Teleshopping commercials, other than the ones broadcasted within sports transmissions, represent an exception and can be broadcasted only on the following cases: in any time interval, but not more than 5 isolated TV ads and teleshopping commercials a day
• Fines payment – the holder doesn’t present to the Council, within 6 months term from the data when the fine was decided, the prove of payment, with the exception of the situations in which the holder contested the sanctioning decision made by the Counci, a case in which the obligativity of paying the fine is rightfully suspended until the final and irrevocable judicial decision for solutioning the contestation is pronounced
• Advertising contracts – “Art 291 (1) Any TV advertising space buy cannot be done via an intermediate unless that intermediate acts for and for the benefit of the final beneficiary of the TV advertising
o (2) Any price offers to buy TV advertising, presented by intermediaries mentioned in (1) paragraph to the final beneficiaries of TV advertising will be, mandatory, first confirmed in writing with the broadcaster. The intermediaries will present to the broadcasters also the written mandates they have from the final beneficiaries of the TV advertising they demand the price offers for
• Dismissal of CNA members – “Council’s members can be dismissed upon the proposals of Parliamen’s specialized commissions, in common sessions of both Parliament’s chambers, with the vote of the majority of the present Senators and Representatives”

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Autor: Petrişor Obae

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