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TVR – Technical revision during US Elections night



TVR was under technical revision during US Elections night. The representatives of Romanian State TV explained that the technical revisions are scheduled periodically and the one that happened during US Elections night was scheduled for a long time.

Romanian State TV covered the subject during its morning show after, during the night, more TV stations had special editions dedicated to US Elections. This way, B1 TV broadcasted the entire night, Antena 3 had a Special edition, Digi 24 was up with special editions during the entire night and also did RTV and

According to an official TVR position, Romanians could find out live the results of the first exist poll in US Election and the name of the American president for the next 4 years. TVR’s special edition – America elects – was broadcasted on TVR 1 and started before the voting process closed. The show had live intervention from TVR’s correspondents in Washington, Bruxelles, Moscova and Tel Aviv and also info on the atmosphere and officials’ reactions.

“In contradistinction to the other generalist TVs, TVR1 adapted its program in such a way as to present the most important moments of the US presidential elections. The technical revision between 02.00-06.00, scheduled and announced at CNA many months in advance, didn’t affected viewers access to information.

Because of time differences, the voting process in US takes place when it’s night in Europe, an interval during which, for a generalist TV, a special edition would represent a considerable financial effort compared to the audience” - the official TVR position states.

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Autor: Petrişor Obae

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