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ColonHelp sues WordPress after being criticized on a blog



Zenyth Pharmaceuticals, producer of ColonHelp, sues WordPress asking it to shut down the blog Insula Indoielii (The island of doubt) or to unveil the identity of its author, from which Zenyth demands Euro 100,000 damages for prejudices brought to its ColonHelp product, according to  Think Outside The Box.

The named blog published 2 critical articles on ColonHelp,  one in 2011 and another one in 2012.

Cristina Vasiesiu, that will represent WordPress in this process, said that the juridical action is absurd:  “It is like asking a pencils factory to forbid certain persons to use a certain pencil because someone wrote with it something that bothered someone. There is no precedent in Romania and there are no similar cases at international level”.

Contacted by Think Outside The Box, the author of the blog said:

“I didn’t make up anything and I didn’t sell a concurrent product either. As for defamation…am I the 1st person that expresses his opinions on a product over the internet? My complaints were a bit more special but still, I think we could have talked about this in other ways, not necesarely via lawyers. I don’t have anything in particular against Zenyth or their product, if they wouldn’t have made some statements that aren’t supported scientifically, we wouldn’t be here. This is also the main problem, I do not consider I can be accused of calumny or defamation as long as what I am saying is supported by studies, doctors and absolutely all the sources I can find. I was always open to modify articles if supported by quality studies, this being also the only rule of the blog.

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Autor: Iulia Bunea

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