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Generalist TVs continued to gain audience in November; Antena 3 looses 3rd play in daily average rankings too



Generalist TV stations continued to gain audience as their star show formats are consolidating. Top 5 channels in prime time is unchanged in November compared to October, but the audience numbers are higher.

For the entire day, Antena 3 lost the 3rd place, taken over by Kanal D, which happened after, in October, Intact’s news station switched from 3rd to 4th place in prime time

Full data on audience is available here

Conclusions based on first audience data analysis:

Prime Time (19.00-23.00)

  • Pro TV went up 93,000 viewers in November compared to October
  • Antena 1 attracted 12,000 viewers per minute more in prime time
  • Although last month the electoral campaign started, all news TVs lost audience: RTV and B1 TV had 10,000 viewers less, Antena 3 – 6,000 less and Realitatea – 3,000 less.
  • TVR posted a strong decline in viewership, -54,000 viewers, and went down to 125,000 viewers in prime time
  • OTV went up 2 places, from 18th to 16th, and won 8,000 viewers

Full day

Antena 3 lost 3rd place on all day viewership, which comes after, in October, it left the prime-time TVs podium

  • Kanal D went up on 3rd, winning over 25,000 per minute
  • Prima TV keeps the 5th place and increases its audience with over 10,000 viewers

TVR 1 goes down from 6th to 9th place in terms of audience

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