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On Facebook, RCS answers to Discovery Channel president’s letter asking a separate package with all Discovery channels



RCS&RDS decided to answer publicly, on its own Facebook account, to the letter from Mark Hollinger, Discovey Networks International president, relayed by here.

“To eliminate any hypocrisy suspicion of this double language, we launch publicly our demand to Discovery Networks to create a separated package that would include all Discovery channels and that could be contracted separated by all interested subscribers, for a price established by Discovery Networks”, RCS writes on its Facebook account.

In the Facebook post addressed to Mark Hollinger, RCS mentions: “we are surprised by the contradiction between the special care for viewers, expressed in this message, and the position during negotiations, when the main preoccupation of Discovery’s representatives was maintaining certain tariffs and of as high as possible guaranteed revenues”

RCS also expresses its hope that all Discovery fans, that signed or not the petition, will manage to convince Discovery Networks representatives to accept its initiative and to allow them to watch their favorite channels.

In the same time, RCS representatives posted, also on Facebook, a message for Romanian CNA (National Audiovisual Council) president, Rasvan Popescu. “It’s impossible for us not to notice that Rasvan Popescu is more in a hurry to apply fines to certain companies, adopting partisan positions in commercial litigations, than to fulfill legal procedures, so that viewers can access to the offered channels”

“We don’t think Rasvan Popescu’s role as CNA President is to appreciate or decide the component of an operator’s commercial offer or to express or try to impose his preferences for a program provider in the detriment of another”, RCS representatives wrote on Facebook.

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Autor: Iulia Bunea

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