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Pro TV, Antena 3, TVR and Realitatea TV – main sources of political information for Romanians



Pro TV is the TV station preferred by 23% of Romanians as source of information on political situation, according to a poll made for TVR by CURS (Regional and Urban Sociology Center) and the Group for Socio-Contemporan Studies Avangarde.

The top is completed by Antena 3 (21%), TVR and Realitatea TV (12% each) and Antena 1 (11%).

The poll was made between November 27th – December 2nd, on a sample of 4,957 people,  aged over 18 y.o. The sampling universe included the adult and non-institutionalized adult population of Romania, reasiding in Romania. The poll was made to caliber the exit-polls the 2 institutes will make on December 9th, when Parliamentary elections take place in Romania.

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Autor: Iulia Bunea

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