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The insolvency papers for Intact Publishing – presented under a misspelled name to the court



 One of Jurnalul National’s creditors,  G. Canale & C, said that Intact Publishing was entered, on the court’s portal, under a wrong name, Epitura Imtact (instead of Editura Intact), this being the reason why creditors didn’t know about Intact Publishing entering insolvency.

“We will oppose the start of the insolvency procedures for Intact Publishing in order to protect our legal rights”, creditor’s representatives said.

G Canale also mentioned that:

“Intact Publishing tried, in different ways, to transfer its goods, Jurnalul National brand included, towards companies in Intact Trust, owned by Dan Voiculescu, respectively towards the offshore Crescent Commercial & Maritime (Cyprus) Limited and Industrial Group Voiculescu & Co (Grivco) S.A.”

“We mention that Intact Publishing tried to transfer Jurnalul National brand to Grivco SA during forced execution, but OSIM removed the request to registere this transfer, for the legal reason that over Jurnalul National brand (…) was ordered forced execution by judicial executor, at the request of S.C. G. Canale & C. S.A. creditor”

Translation provided by AdHugger

Autor: Iulia Bunea

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