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TVR gives up TVR Cultural licence



Romanian State TV TVR notified CNA that it gives up on the broadcasting licence for TVR Cultural, following TVR’s critical financial situation. CNA was notified on this matter after the term of 90 days since TVR demanded for TVR Cultural suspension expired.

Claudiu Saftoiu, President General Manager TVR “We looked for solutions to resume the cultural channel’s broadcasting, but our efforts were in vain when faced with costs we cannot afford in the context of our actual critical financial situation and, on another hand, we wouldn’t like to give up quality either (…) Realization and distribution of cultural-educational programs remain a priority for Romanian public TV”

TVR Cultural broadcasts were suspended starting September 15th. The measure was taken by Order of SRTV president director general, as a part of the process to implement the financial recovery plan for Romanian State TV.

Translation provided by AdHugger

Autor: Iulia Bunea

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