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Climber Stallone surpassed Suleyman and Bendeac


Sylvester Stallone, Suleyman (with a new season) and Mihai Bendeac (reruns) fought for audiences, with the audience data showing the winner was “Cliffhanger”, a movie broadcasted by Pro TV.


At national level, Cliffhanger was watched every minute by almost 2.1M Romanians, 400,000 more than the viewers of the new “Suleyman the Magnificent” season from Kanal D. On the 3 rd place was “În puii mei” from Antena 1, with Mihai Bendeac.

At urban level, the difference between Stallone and Suleyman was smaller in towns: 12,000 viewers per minute more for Pro TV. Cliffhanger was watched by 1.03M viewers from towns, while Suleyman was watched by 1.02M.

On the commercial public, Pro TV was the most watched (642,000 viewers, 11.7rtg), while 2 nd place was Bendeac, with 413,000 viewers and 7.5 rtg.

Full audience data is available here.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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