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Close to 700 contestations for TVR tests



Romanian State TV’s restructuring process is delayed, as almost 700 employees of the state TV contested the grades they got during December evaluation. Among the ones that contested the score received are Albertina Ionescu, Leonard Miron, Sorin Burtea and Adrian Bucur.

Albertina Ionescu got 77 points, Leonard Miron - 63,1 and Sorin Burtea - 84,7. Adrian Bucur, that openly criticized the way the selection contest went, got 81,34 points.

Because of the high number of contestations, the date to make public the lists with the employees to be fired – initially announced as December 21st – was postponed. It is possible for the lists to be public sometimes after January 10th 6 ian

Translation provided by AdHugger.

Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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