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CNA launched an online petition aimed to improve Audiovisual Law; some sign it, some didn’t


CNACNA launched an online petition that aims to evaluate the need to improve some provisions of the Audiovisual Law in order to define more clearly the “public interest” notion when it comes of TV.


“We saw live funerals, deceiving moments in entertainment shows, in political debates or on sports subjects. Year after year, the Romanian audiovisual space becomes more and more tainted”, petition’s text says.

Some signed CNA’s petition….

CNA’s petition echoed among viewers, with over 2,400 signatures gathered fast, but also among personalities in media and entertainment.

Among the personalities that already signed the petition are Virgil Iantu, Victor Rebengiuc, Benone Neagoe, AG Weinberger, Emil Gradinescu, Bianca Ionita (Kanal D) and Vlad Enachescu (Dolce Sport).

Why did they sign?

Vlad Enachescu:

“I was waiting for a long time a petition like this. I said numerous times that what happens on TV is pathetic. I am close to any initiative of this kind. You can count on my support”. He also mentioned his position is personal, without involving in any way the TV station he works for.

Bianca Ionita (News Kanal D):

“I’m sick of it. I don’t want to offend anyone, but it’s all gone too far and I can’t stand it. It was normal to sign this petition. If we want a change, everyone needs to do something”.

Emil Grădinescu:

“I’m sick of news and poor shows, of skanks, of Gigi Becali said that, of movies for psychos. I want to get to know the Maths Olympics, SMURD workers that save lives every day, the artist that prefers to starve than to compromise. I want to restart watch TV. Together with my baby girl, if possible”.

Virgil Iantu:

“Until yesterday, there were voices wondering where TV is going or where CNA
is. It is hard not to say that, when we are all waiting for so long a reaction in this direction. (…) Other people’s pain became for some time an entertainment source for some TVs. Let’s curse at funerals, let’s laugh at divorces and let’s turn the head the other way when it comes of performance or important realizations! Uninteresting. Nobody dies, nobody fights. (…) And here comes the day CNA takes action. It withdraws a licence that should never been granted. Instead of showing happiness, like they did for some recent divorces, some voices are unhappy. Now they say it’s censorship. If this is censorship, than let it be censorship! And, because I am pissed, I sign the petition published on CNA’s website. There. Good morning, CNA. I was missing you. Welcome back and good luck working”.

…and some didn’t

There are also Romanian personalities that opted not to sign the petition, considered “popular and hypocrite”

Dan Negru:

The petition launched by CNA during last couple days and that proposes introducing common sense in TV is hypocrite and populist. “Win the public. Do not come up with orders and interdictions. I DO not sign the petition”.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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