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Forbes: Media & Advertising companies that pay rent to RA-APPS


humanitas - foto - ForbesB1 TV, Intact Publishing, Burda and Ogilvy are among the companies active in media and advertising industries that have spaces ranted from RA-APPS, Forbes Romania writes.


B1 TV Channel SRL runs its activities in a 230 square meters space for which it pays a monthly rent of Euro 3,571 (Euro 15.5/square meter).

The document doesn’t offer details on the place this headquarters is, but the price paid monthly by B1 TV Channel is close to the ones demanded on the free market for spaces in central areas of Bucharest.

Ogilvy Romania pays monthly around Euro 17,000 for 5 rented spaces with a total surface of 1,261 square meters.

Burda Romania’s offices (78.64 sq.m., Euro 293 monthly rent), Intact Publishing (344.18 sq.m, Euro 1,280 /month), Ringier Romania (102.51 sq.m., Euro 381/month) and Romania Mare magazine (139.3 sq.m.,Euro 518/month) are also in spaces owned by RA-APPS.

Humanitas Group, owned by Romanian writer Gabriel Liiceanu, has rented spaces of 1,060 sq.m. and pays monthly a total rent of around Euro 4,000.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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