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Gabriela Lungu leaves The Practice for an international career


Gabriela Lungu, Managing Partner & Creative The Practice, leaves the agency in the end of January and will head towards an international career. Further details related to where Gabriela will head to will be released soon.


Lungu, that founded The Practice in 2006, will be succeeded at the head of the agency by 2 Managing Directors, Oana Bulexa, until now Head of PR, and Monica Jitariuc, Head of Social Media. Ştefan Iordache, co-founding partner The Practice and COO Leo Burnett Group Romania, will buy the shares Gabriela Lungu has within the agency and will support the new management team.

The Practice was founded in November 2006 as an entrepreneurial initiative of Gabriela Lungu (Ogilvy PR Romania ex-Managing Director) together with Ioana and Stefan Iordache (leaders of Leo Burnett Group Romania). The company started off with a team of 4 people and only one client, positioned as a highly creative & efficient PR consultancy, aiming to become “an industry point of reference”.

“I’m really proud of the agency I created & managed. The 6 years with The Practice has been a tremendously rewarding journey and has brought me a lot of joy! Many thanks to all those who have been with me along the way and supported me all these years. It’s not going to be easy for me to be apart from my tiny but mighty company and also from the people who are so dear to me, but I’m doing it with the strong belief that what I leave behind is a solid and beautiful structure”, Gabriela Lungu said.

“We are extremely pleased that we have been partners all these years – it was a very good and happy cooperation, which offered us great satisfactions. We support her (Gabriela’s) plans for the future and we want to thank her for the great results The Practice had so far” - Ştefan Iordache.

The management hand over is following a succession plan, which included the identification and recruitment of high leadership potential people, training and promoting them step by step to gain the necessary experience, including even an exercise during the summer of 2012. The result is a natural and easy transition and a competent management team, responsible and enthusiastic, ready to lead The Practice.

Oana Bulexa (32) has 11-year experience in communication, working together with Gabriela Lungu for the past 8 years, and was among the first employees of The Practice. Within the agency, Oana has grown professionally and has taken positions of increasing managerial responsibilities, up to the current position of Head of PR Department. She has been coordinating some of the most awarded campaigns of the agency. For over two years, Oana has been leading the largest department of THE PRACTICE, successfully focusing both on the consultants’ professional development, as well as on the PR division’s growth by strengthening the relationships with existing customers and winning new business.

Monica Jitariuc (30) has over 12 years of work in marketing, advertising, and PR; she joined The Practice in 2010 to coordinate the new Social Media department. She did it successfully – under her leadership the department grew (being now the most important and respected Social Media department of a local PR agency), the client portfolio increased and our Social Media team conducted some very visible and effective online PR campaigns awarded in local and international PR & digital competitions. Monica is
currently one of the most appreciated Social Media experts of the Romanian communication industry.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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