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News, weather and sport in 2012. How did the audience split between generalist TVs for news programs


andreea-esca-15Pro TV News at 19.00, hosted by Andreea Esca, leaded in audiences in 2012 among the news programs. The program was watched, last year, by 1.6M people every minute, with more than half of them (847,000) living in urban areas.


Pro TV’s news were seconded by Antena 1’s Observer (broadcasted beteen 20.00-20.30). Pro TV broadcasts, on Observer’s time slot, the sports news.

3rd and 4th places among news programs belong also to Pro TV.

When it comes of weather and sports news, the highest audiences went again to Pro TV.

The table showing how audiences were splitted by Romanian TVs for their news programs is available here.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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