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Radio Guerilla in only 4 towns; CNA refuses to grant radio’s licences to Realitatea Media


Radio Guerilla might remain with only 4 licences from a total of 25, according to a demand sent by Realitatea Media – that operates the licences – to CNA. The radio might keep the licences in Bucharest, Cluj Napoca, Sibiu and Sulina, while Realitatea FM – that relays Realitatea TV’s programs – might broadcast on the rest.


The demand was submitted to CNA for January 10th, but was delayed for January 14th, so Florin Bercea, special administrator Realitatea Media, could be present.

Cozmin Guşă, editorial director Realitatea Media, said that the move “is an internal business of the trust” and added that the media within the trust is being reorganized “to maximize the market potential for both Radio Guerrilla and Realitatea FM.

CNA rejected the migration of Guerilla licenses to Realitatea FM

During a meeting on January 14th, CNA unanimously rejected the migration of 21 Guerilla licenses to Realitatea FM, although Florin Bercea said the move is done from business reasons, mainly attracting more money from advertising.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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