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The death of a Romanian director: special programs and high audiences for Nicolaescu’s movies



After Romanian director Sergiu Nicolaescu died, many Romanian TVs, among which TVR 1, Pro TV and Pro Cinema, broadcasted these days a number of his movies.

TVR1 modified its programs and dedicated an entire evening to Sergiu Nicolaescu, broadcasting an interview with the director and a historical movie he directed, “Mircea cel Batran”, followed by reruns of materials with the director.

Pro TV also modified its programs and moved “Spider Man” at 22.30 so it can run first a Nicolaescu movie. At its turn, Antena 1 programmed one of director’s movies starting 20.30.

ProCinema, movie channel, modified its programs to broadcast, until Sunday, movies directed by Nicolaescu.

Big audiences for Nicolaescu’s movies

The movies directed by Nicolaescu posted high audiences, with the most watched being the one broadcasted by Antena 1.

The audiences for Nicolaescu’s movies broadcasted by Romanian TVs after director’s death are available here.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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