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Antena 1’s Observer and Acces Direct launch a humanitarian campaign: “Save the hope”


ObservatorAntena 1’s Acces Direct and Observer launched the campaign “Save the Hope”, that aims to help children with talent in a certain area, but do not have the material means to follow their passion, and also elder people, famous in the past, the TV announced.


During this initiative, all the money coming from advertising during one edition of Acces Direct are donated.

Simona Gherghe, program’s host: “There are many talented children in Romania that, until now, didn’t have any chance. I want us to give them this chance!”

The cases presented during Acces Direct and Observer’s editions from February 11 th refer to Ileana Constantinescu, the voice that fascinated Mihail Sadoveanu, and Camelia Anghel, a little gymnastics champion left by her mother.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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