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Antena 3 – nine programs in top 10 audiences, RTV - one


mihai gadea bunaAntena 3 remains the news channel that has the highest audience talk-shows, with 9 of the most watched debate shows in January being broadcasted by Intact’s news TV.


Sinteza zilei” (Daily round-up) is on the 1st place, being also the only debates show that had over 500,000 viewers per minute in urban areas. Mihai Gadea’s show is followed by “La ordinea zilei” (342,000 viewers).

New in the audience top is “Romania Exclusiv”, broadcasted on Romania TV and hosted by Simona Gheorghe. It had, in January, 318,000 views per minute and ranked 6 th in the top.

On the first 20 positions in the top of the audiences, 11 positions belong to Antena 3, 4 to Romania TV and 5 to B1 TV.

See the full audience table here.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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