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CNA member criticizes Council’s activity; CNA says: Jucan wasn’t present at work


Sursa foto: Mediafax Foto, Răzvan Chiriţă
Sursa foto: Mediafax Foto, Răzvan Chiriţă


Valentin Jucan, CNA member, criticized in a press release institution’s way of acting in the last period, considering serious „the easiness it treats the garbage in audiovisual, while cancan brought to a must-have status is tolerated by the same institution”.

Jucan also says that CNA is failing public trust. „Hours after hours of hearings, monitoring reports reading, accompagned by disapproval reactions from members and ended with a soft touch consisting in notices or fines equal to the value of a fist of candies”, Jucan mentions in his press release.

Jucan also condamns, in his document, the way CNA works, especially the secret meetings made to discuss daily order. „Give to broadcasters, previous to public meetings, the monitoring reports.Give up running through meeting’s program previous to public discussions under the pretext that a meeting is needed to establish the daily order. (…) And, most important, when you make decision, think about the petition CNA initiated and to which the public reacted positively”, he added.

In reaction to Jucan’s press release, CNA reacted with a press release signed by the press office in which it is mentioned that Jucan’s position has mainly „an auto-critical role”, with him making „an Xray of his own attitudes shown as a CNA member”. CNA’s press release – not assumed by any of CNA’s members - also says that Jucan skipped work several weeks

“Valentin Alexandru Jucan wasn’t present at work, in the classical sense of the term, skipping between January 31st – February 11th and February 14-19, without presenting to institution’s secretarial services any document to justify his absence”, CNA’s document mentions.

In its press release, CNA says its informal meetings doesn’t affect decisions made by members during public meetings.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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