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Efficiency measures at GSP TV: No talk-shows, focus on broadcasts


gsp_tvGSP TV (owned by Intact) is implementing a series of efficientization measures, dropping the talk-shows and productions that needed studios.


GSP TV will focus on sports broadcasts it has broadcasting rights.

The shows eliminated from GSP TV’s program schedule and that were broadcasted daily are Counterstrike (with Dan Udrea) and Versus (produced by Costin Desliu).

According to’s info, there will also be changes when it comes of news shows broadcasted by the sports TV station.

What will still be on?

Football games in championships from Brasil, Russia, Major League Soccer (SUA), UFC fight galas, Box, Programs and documentaries for men (adventure programs,fishing shows), Badminton, Billiard, Poker, Karate and martial arts championships , National under 19 youth and juniors games and Dartstfg

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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