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Football and “Princess and the Frog”, more interesting to Romanians than their president


Traian-Basescu-2Inter Milano-CFR Cluj football game, “Princess and The Frog” and tabloid shows were more interesting to Romanians than their president’s presence in Robert Turcescu’s show at B1 TV.


The football game, broadcasted on Pro TV, had the highest ranking during the evening.

Traian Băsescu was present in Turcescu’s show starting 22.00, the same moment when the football game started. During the interval when Basescu was on Turcescu’s set at B1, Pro TV and the game were watched by over 1.7M Romanians, with over half of them (930,000) living in urba areas. Pro TV had, for the interval, double audience compared to Antena 1.

Antena 1 attracted more interest than the program with the president while it was broadcasting the animation “The Princess and the Frog”.

President’s interview was broadcasted on the same time slot with tabloid shows such from Kanal D (Wowbiz) and Acasa TV (Cancan TV) and overrun by them in terms of audience.

The interview was watched by 336,000 Romanians, with most of them living in urban areas (224,000). B1 TV ranked 6 in audiences both at national and urban level.

Full audience tables are available here.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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