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Gianina Corondan: I am among the fired people because I chose not to go to the contest


gianina-corondanGianina Corondan said she is on the fired employees list not because she didn’t pass the test, but because she chose not to go to the evaluation. In a point of view sent to, she criticizes the way TVR’s selection was made.


“Nowhere in Europe wasn’t the process to select personnel made this primitively, as approach and credibility. The contest didn’t filtered creativity, talent, skills or capacity to communicate with the public, essential qualities for a real TV professional”, Corondan says.

Mentioning one of the questions in the test employees received - “What year was the national TV founded?” - , she demands to know if an answer to this question legitimates an employee as a good professional and would give him a job in a competitive and dynamic TV, in a world where social media is now more and more powerful and where TV professionals have to reinvent continuously .

Translation provided by AdHugger

Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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