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Grigore Cartianu – not writing for Adevarul anymore


cartianu2Grigore Cartianu, former Editor-in-Chief at Adevarul, doesn’t write anymore in the newspaper he managed for 5 years. “I won’t write for Adevarul for a while”, Cartianu said, for


Grigore Cartianu:

“I have other things, more urgent and more pressing, to do in the next period. For example, to document and write couple more books and I want to finish one of them before Bookfest. I also have the daily show at Nasul TV”

Paginademedia: Were you asked to give up writing for Adevarul?

“I prefer not to comment. Anyway, the initiative in this direction was mine, some time ago. I was planning for some time to quit, temporarily, to the newspaper column in order to focus on books. If last summer’s political problems wouldn’t have happened, I would have give up for longer to Adevarul’s columns, but the mentioned events kept me connected”

Paginademedia: Do you keep a contractual relationship with Adevarul?

“Yes, I continue to be ombudsman, a position that offers me more time for the other projects. I am not involved anymore in newspaper’s management. The decisions related to the newspaper aren’t related to me anymore”

Other moves in Adevarul’s redaction

Adevarul’s redaction is undergoing a reorganization process, according to’s information. Simona Catrina (previous Tango Magazine) entered newspaper’s team as editor- in-chief in charge with lifestyle and starts departments. Andrei Velea, previously managing the 2 departments, takes over Foreign news, economic and tech departments, Liviu Avram will manage investigations, events and politic departments, while Alin Paicu will be in charge with correspondents, publicists and sport.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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