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Mel Gibson was “Lethal Weapon” for Top Chef’s final


top_chef_logoTop Chef’s finale was overcome, Saturday night, by a Mel Gibson movie, “Lethal Weapon 4”,broadcasted by Pro TV.


Although 2nd in audiences, Top Chef’s finale had the best results among all the editions broadcasted during the current season.

At national level, Antena 1’s show was watched every minute by 1.08M people, while Pro TV’s movie was watched by 1.77M. In urban areas, Top Chef attracted 615,000 viewers per minute, more than 300,000 less than Pro TV (924,000).

On the commercial audience, Antena 1 attracted 322,000 people aged 18 - 49 y.o. (5.8 rtg), while Pro TV has 582,000 (10.5 rtg)

Full audience tables are available here.

Translation provided by AdHugger

Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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