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Why don’t you come over? campaign – results


campania gandulRomanian campaign “Why don’t you come over?”, signed by GMP Advertising and, spreaded all over the world during the two weeks it was active. The campaign ended on February 11th, with Romanians message to David Cameron, published in The Guardian.


The campaign in numbers:

  • Over 5M impressions in Romanian press (print, online, radio, TV);
  • Over 100 articles in international press
  • Over 1.5M impressions on Facebook
  • 49.000 impressions on Twitter
  • Over 17,000 impressions on blogs and in comments
  • Over 60,000 comments in Romanian online press
  • Over 300 Romanians offered their couches to Brits that want to visit Romania
  • 2 Brits applied for work places in Romania .

The campaign had an important international impact and was visible in titles from UK, US, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Hungary, Belgium, Brasil, India, Switzerland or pakistan. Articles related to the campaign appeared in Financial Times, Associated Press, BBC News, Huffington Post, Reuters, ZDF, Daily Mirror, The Independent, El Mundo, The World and BBD Lincolnshire and even in Time

Webstyler joined GMP Advertising and Gandul and came up with the idea of a ”couchsurfing” platform,, where Brits are encouraged to come visit Romania.

Translation provided by AdHugger

Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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