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ARMA didn’t had cvorum to discuss Realitatea’s case


realitatea logoARMA (Romanian Association for Audience Measurement) coultn’t analyze Realitatea TV’s case during its today meeting because it lacked forum. ARMA’s General Assembly was supposed to vote the future of Realitatea within the organization.


Some of Realitatea TV’s representatives had discussions with ARMA and demanded an audit over the audience measurement system, in order to answer the signaled problems. Also, Realitatea promised it will stop the campaign against the audience measurement service.

Realitatea TV’s situation will be discussed during a meeting scheduled for March 20th.

On another hand, ARMA wants to extend the measurements for TV audiences also online, as Lucia Antal, association’s president, said a lot of audience is lost online. She explain that there is a way to do that, it’s internally tested by ARMA and its introduction depends on the members, as there are some costs that they need to cover.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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