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Audiences: Netherlands-Romania won the game with MasterChef and Suleyman


romania_olanda_realitatea.netRomania-Netherlands football game leaded in audiences, with the game having, during its entire duration, an average audience of 3,25 viewers (17,1 rtg), with more than half (1,7M) living in urban areas.


With this numbers, TVR 1 leaded in audiences and the football game was on the 1st place also during the interval it intersected with Suleyman (Kanal D) and 5c(Pro TV).

The 3 programs competed directly for around 45 minutes (21.33 – 22.19).

At national level, TVR 1 had an average viewership of 3.2M people every minute during the interval it was competing directly with Suleyman and MasterChef. Ranking 2nd, at almost 1M viewers behind, was Suleyman (Kanal D), followed by Pro TV’s MasterChef.

At urban level, Romanian public main TV channel was leading also, with 1.7M viewers, followed by Kanal D and Pro TV. On the 4th place, both on urban and national audience, was Acasa TV with Gypsy heart series.

On the commercial public, football attracted 768,000 viewers per minute (13.8 rtg), with TVR being second after MasterChef, watched by 803.000 viewers from the commercial target.

Full audience tables are available here.

Translation provided by AdHugger

Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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