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Close to 5M Romanians watched Chelsea – Steaua football game


camera fotbal ProSportChelsea-Steaua retour match kept in front of the TVs around 4.8M viewers per minute, between 22.00 -00.00, with most people watching the game on Pro TV and some – on Dolce Sport.


The audience is slightly down compared to the tour game, when 4.9M Romanians were watching the game every minute, 4.7M on Pro TV and 220,000 on Dolce Sport.

The 2 games between Steaua and Chelsea were also broadcasted by Digi Sport, but the station is not in the audience measurements.

At national level, close to 4.6M romanians were watching the game every minute on Pro TV. On Dolce Sport, the audience was of 258.000 viewers per minute. In terms of audience, Pro TV was followed, on game’s interval, by Kanal D.

The golden minute was 22.51, when 5.19M viewers were watching the game at national level (27.3 rtg), with 2.9M in urban areas (28.1 rtg)

At urban level, Pro TV was watched by 2.5M Romanians, while Dolce Sport had 104,000 viewers.

On the commercial segment, 1.4M people were watching Pro TV (25.4 rtg), seconded in terms of audience by Antena 1 (177,000, 3.2 rtg)

Full audience table for game’s interval are available here.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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