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Former editor in chief EVZ, Vlad Macovei launches his own editorial project and will be political adviser too


vlad-macoveiVlad Macovei, former editor in chief EVZ and project manager capital, launched Agro Intel editorial project.


Also, he will start acting as political consultant as he will be, according to’s information, adviser to Mihai Stanisoara, former PDL representative, now member in PNL . Macovei didn’t confirm or infirm the information, but admitted he is interested on political consultancy side

Agro Intel – partnership with Capital

Agro Intel is an independent editorial project that aims to cover agricultural businesses. It is present online - – for nine months and, next week, will start appearing also in print, on a monthly basis.

The 1st number of the magazine – Top 50 richest farmers – will be distributed for free, along with Capital. Agro Intel has a partnership with Evenimentul and Capital Publishing House, with the last handling the logistic part.

Agro Intel team also includes Lucian Davidescu (also former EVZ) and Viorela Pitulice (former Forbes).

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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