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Tensions at Jurnalul: the deputy editor in chief, fired after a fight with Marius Tuca


marius-tucaA tensioned situation occurred yesterday in Jurnalul National’s redaction, where some of the employees wanted to protest for not being paid for over 3 months. The heated discussion between Marius Tucă, newspaper’s director, and the unhappy employees ended with the deputy editor in chief, Gabriela Antoniu, being fired.


According to’s info, the news regarding the scheduled protest infuriated Marius Tuca, that came to the redaction and said to the employees that who doesn’t work for free anymore is free to go and also added that he won’t mention any terms related to when the salaries will be paid.

Intact’s print activities underwent a lot of changes lately, among which Jurnalul TV ceased to appear last week and Income Magazine was closed mid-March.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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