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Transilvania Live – massive layoffs; Sabin Gherman: Just 6 people left


transilvania-live-logoAccording to the local news website, Transilvania Live started firing people, with around 20 people already laid off on Monday and Tuesday . The same source mentions that the people that were fired are mainly tech staff.


The new TV’s management, Sabin Gherman and Lucian Danciu, decided, upon Arpad Paszkany recommendation, that the team needs to be reduced. From the over 100 employees, top 30 will remain.

Following the info on the quoted website, Sabin Gherman, executive director of the station, came up with some mentions.

“Transilvania Live is a project that foes forward. It is a new stage, coordinated by a new management. As it happens in the civilized world, the old team presented its mandate. That’s the way it should be. The old managerial team had 4 people, that all presented their mandate. A producer that wanted to go for a longer time, quitted, and an editor left too. Should we do the maths? Only 6 people left from Transilvania Live”, Sabin Gherman said, for

Also, according to a press release, the trust intends to continue to develop during the current year, with investments in programs and expansion of distribution network.

Discussions between Transilvania Live and Digi – over without a deal being made

Transilvania Live and Digi didn’t manage to get to an agreement, after discussions that reached in advanced stage. The info was confirmed for by Vasile Dancu.

Transilvania Live and Digi were preparing a collaboration to develop a regional news TV. According to Dancu, it is likely for the project to be developed further just by Digi people.

Dancu explained that Paszkany wanted to give up Transilvania Live for a while, as he announced, since November, that he wants to focus on Look TV

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