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Ciutacu’s Tonomat started. How many people watched the 1st edition?


Foto: RTV
Foto: RTV


Victor Ciutacu debuted, on April 8th, at Romania TV, with the show “Ciutacu’s Tonomat” and the Romanian prime-minister Victor Ponta as guest. During the same time, Antena 3, Ciutacu’s former station, had in its set Crin Antonescu.

At national level, Victor Ciutacu’s show was watched by 221.000 Romanians, with Romania TV being, during the show interval (21.00-22.36), on the 9th place in audiences. Antena 3 was couple places up, on #6, with 175,000 viewers more than Ciutacu.

During program’s interview, the most watched TV channel was Kanal D, that was broadcasting Suleyman series.

Last Monday, when Ciutacu wasn’t yet present in Romania’s TV program’s schedule, the TV had an average viewership of 192.000 people.

At Urban level, Ciutacu was on 9th place also when it came of urban viewers: 133.000. Romania TV had the same audience in urban areas a week ago, on the same interval. When it comes of Antena 3, it ranked 5th with a twice bigger audience, almost 300.000 viewers.

More audience data is available here.

Victor Ciutacu’s new show, “Tonomatul lu’Ciutacu”, started on Romania TV on April 8 th, starting 21.00. Ciutacu’s talk show will be broadcasted from Monday to Thursday and lasts an hour and a

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