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Journalists and politics: Romanian journalists that left the profession to get into politics


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Cristina Topescu (which recently joined PSD and left the press corps) is only the latest case among journalists that decided to leave their profession and join politics. Topescu chose politics after she presented, during the last 12 years, the main news program on Prima TV.

Over time, more journalists chose to change a camp with the other and join the politicians side.

This way, the former TV host Gabriela Vranceanu Firea joined PSD last September and is now a senator. She hosted the daily talk-show “Stirea zilei” on Antena 3 from 2005 until November 2011. Starting 2005, for 6 years, she also managed 2 of Intact Media Group’s companies – Media Casa Press and Saptamana Financiara (editor of publications such as business daily Financiarul, business weekly Saptamana Financiara and women weekly magazine Felicia)

Teo Trandafir is another name from the press world that was present, for a short time, in politics. Previous host of a Pro TV show, Teo Trandafir was a candidate for PDL in 2010, in a political college
from Bucharest that elected her as representative in the Parliament. She won the elections but, 2 years later, she decided to come back to TV.

Former spokesman for PDL, Sever Voinescu, also has behind him a career in journalism: he wrote for Dilema Veche and Cotidianul. Starting 2008, he entered politics and was a Parliament representative
for PDL.

Another journalist that became spokesperson is Andrei Zaharescu, former news host at Antena 1. He was appointed Romanian Government’s spokesperson on May 9th 2013.

Government’s spokesperson was also the journalist Camelia Spataru, which previously worked for 15 years for Pro TV News. Recently, she joined TVH 2.0’s team.

Also, Claudiu and Adriana Saftoiu gave up press for a career in politics many years ago. Claudiu Saftoiu wrote for Evenimentul zilei, while his former wife, Adriana Saftoiu, was a journalist writing for Rompres and Mediafax. The couple had jobs in the communication team at Cotroceni Palace (Romanian Presidency). Both left Presidential Administration, with Adriana Saftoiu entering Parliament as a representative for PNL, while Claudiu Saftoiu was first director of Romanian Information Service and PNL member and later become president general manager of Romanian State Television.

The sports commentator Cristian Topescu chose politics also and is senator for PNL since 2008.

Not at last on the list of journalists that left press for politics – or better said combined the two – is Dan Diaconescu, that founded PPDD while hosting shows on now-closed TV OTV.

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