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Romanians got talent – under 3M viewers, 700,000 less compared to previous week


Romanii au talent 1 martieThe 4th semifinal of Romanians got talent was watched by 2.7M Romanians, down 700,000 compared to previous week’s edition.


At national level, Pro TV’s show was watched by 2.7M people every monute, down from 3.4M people for the previous week’s edition of the show. Second in national audiences was Antena 1, with 611.000 viwers during the broadcasting time of Romanians got talent, while Kanal D ranked 3 rd, with 560.000 viewers

The golden minute at national level was 22.12, when 4.3M people were watching Romanians got talent.

At urban level, the show was watched by 1.5M Romanians, down from 1.8M during the previous week. Antena 1 was second also on urban (355.000 viewers), followed by Kanal D (227.000). The golden minute on this segment was 22.13, when 2.2M people were watching Pro TV’s show.

Pro TV claimed leadership also on commercial public (838.000), while Antena 1 remained on 2 nd place (226.000)

Full audience table for Romanians got talent interval on April 26th is available here.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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