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RON 40,000 derapage for CancanTV, with Maicuta Cosmica and sexy scenes


CNAMaicuta Cosmica brought a RON 40,000 fine for Acasa TV for more editions of the Cancan TV show. The editions of the show had as guests Maicuta Cosmica, Marian Nistor’s son and sexy scenes from Marilena movie.


Laura Georgescu, CNA’s president, wanted to seriously fine the TV station, coming with 3 different fines proposals (in a total of RON 60,000) for the same show. She was attentioned by Cristina Trepcea and the juridical department of the institution that her action doesn’t have a precedent and, when a show is fined, the fine is for the whole package.

There were advanced more options for fine’s amount and none got enough votes. The Council members went consulting and, when back in the meeting, they come up with the RON 40,000 option, that got 7 votes for. Normally, according to CNA’s regulations, when CNA members can’t agree upon a fine, the voting takes place again in the next meeting.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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