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Superbingo Metropolis back on Antena 1 for Easter; Bingo – forbidden by CNA following vote, allowed by CNA’s president


tociu palade superbingoSuperBingo Metropolis returns on Antena 1 starting 16.15 on Sunday, May 5 th. The hosts of the show are Romica Tociu, Cornel Palade, Daniela Crudu and Mihai Mitoseru.


According to Antena 1, the people that bought game cards for February 19 th (show that wasn’t broadcasted anymore) can exchange them for new game cards for Easter Sunday

The contest is back on TV after more than a year since its broadcasting was abruptly stopped. At that moment, game’s organizing company had problems with Finance Ministry.

Bingo – a step away from being forbidden on TV; Antena’s president visited CNA during the day the vote was scheduled

CNA has in public debate an amendament on luck games that, if approved, it will forbid broadcasting the bingo-style games between 06.00 – 23.00. The amendament forbidding the bingo-style games was voted by CNA at the end of March, as part of more modifications made to Audiovisual Code; it was proposed by Narcisa Iorga and got unanimity of votes.

After the modifications were published in the Romanian Official Monitor, it was seen that the document didn’t included the reference on bingo games.

Laura Georgescu, CNA president, removed 2 amendaments from the document before sending it to the Official Monitor, saying they weren’t submitted to public debate. One of the removed amendaments was the one related to televised luck games.

According to’s info, the day CNA voted the amendament forbidding Bingo (voted but removed afterwards by CNA’s president), Sorin Alexandrescu, president Antena Group, visited CNA’s headquarters before the public session.

On April 9th, 3 CNA members accused Laura Georgescu of commiting an illegal act and decided to make known the problem to Parliament’s Chambers presidents and to European Commission officials. In the same time, Valentin Jucan, CNA member, made a criminal complaint against Laura Georgescu .

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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