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TVR ended 2012 with Euro 34M deficit; borrows Euro 22M from banks


tvrRomanian state TV ended 2012 with an Euro 34M deficit, according to institution’s activity report. Moreover, TVR’s historical debts reached to Euro 158.5M.


TVR had total turnover of Euro 131.3M, from which more than half (Euro 75,3M) from TV tax. The advertising revenues were of Euro 5.8M while the money from exploting subventions – Euro 41.4M.

SRTv spending were, in 2012, of Euro 163.2M, with employes costs representing 26% of total (Euro 42.6M)

TVR borrows Euro 22M from Raiffeisen Bank and BCR

SRTv’s management board decided, in 3 decisions published on institution’s website, to get credit lines in a total amount of Euro 22M from Raiffeisen Bank and BCR
According to Claudiu Saftoiu, these credits don’t have as purpose to pay compensatory salaries for the fired employes. That compensatory money will be paid from TV tax. Saftoiu added that those new credits must be paid in 7 years

TVR owes Euro 16M to Universal Studio, half million to Disney and UEFA

TVR’s commercial debts in the end of 2012 were of Euro 28M, with the main companies the state TV owes money being Centrul National al Cinematografiei, Universal Studios International BV, Uniunea Compozitorilor şi Muzicologilor din România – Asociaţia pentru Drepturile de Autor, European Broadcasting Union, Prorom, Daro Film Distribution GMBH, The Walt Disney Company, UEFA and Federatia Romana de Fotbal

Other debts TVR had at the end of 2012 were: salaries owed to employes – almost Euro 1M, state social insurances debts – Euro 35M, VAT – Euro 17M, special funds debts – Euro 6.72M, short term credits – Euro 6.71M

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