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TVR makes an auction to sell 46 second hand cars to employes


tvrTVR announced its employes that it will make an internal auction to liquidate the auto park of unused cars, with 46 vehicles to be sold on April 19th.


According to the auction rules, one employee can buy as many cars, with the 1 st car to be sold in equal rates, to be paid by the end of the year, and the rest with money to be paid in a 5 days term after the auction.

The auction will be managed by a president and members of the commission in charge with the auction, along with a juridical adviser from TVR.

The auction step is RON 100, with the fee to participate in the auction being RON 500.

Among the cars to be sold in auction there are 7 Cielo, 23 Dacia Break, 2 ARO, 2 Hyundai and 2 Nissan cars.

The most used car to be sold in auction is a Dacia Break with 470.211 kilometers run and that was built in 2000. Car’s price starts from RON 5,000.

All the used cars’ prices vary around RON 4,500, excepting the newest ones, for which the auction starts fron RON 10,000.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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