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Contest shows at the end at Antena 1. How many Romanians watched Do I know you from somewhere and Romania dances’ semifinal?


romania danseazaIf Romanians got talent ended Friday night, another final took place on Saturday: Do I know you from somewhere on Antena 1. Another Antena show is getting close to its end: Romania dances reached the semifinals. How many Romanians watched it?

Do I know you from somewhere final designated shows winner, Romanian singer Pepe. The show topped the audiences on Saturday night, on all targets: national, urban and commercial

Romania dances’ semifinal didn’t achieved the same results and it was left behing by the movies broadcasted on Pro TV: X-Men:last confrontation and Kill Bill vol. 1.
When it comes of Do I know you from somewhere, its final was watched every minute by almost 1.4M Romanians, with Pro TV coming second, with 150,000 viewers less.
In urban areas, the distance between Antena 1 and Pro TV was bigger, with Antena getting close to 1M viewers per minute, almost 400,000 more than Pro TV.
When it comes of the commercial target, 436,000 viwers watched Do I know you from somewhere? final (7.8 rtg), while Pro TV had 361,000 viewers (6.5 rtg).

On the other hand, the last semifinal at Romania dances didn’t had the audience success that Pro TV’s movies had.

At national level, during Romania dances interval, Pro TV ranked first, with 1.17M Romanians per minute, seconded by Antena 1, with 9,000 less viewers. In urban areas, Romania dances had 700,000 viwers per minute, but still a little behind Pro TV.
On the commercial segment, the show had 360.000 viewers (6.5 rtg), while Pro TV was watched by 523.000 (9,4 rtg).

More detailed audience info and tables are available here.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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