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Decision in Alexandrescu case: Antenas’ general manager, arrested for for 29 days


sorin-alexandrescu-2Antena Group’s general manager, Sorin Alexandrescu, was arrested for 29 days in a blackmail case targeting a RCS&RDS director. The decision was made a few minutes ago.


Alexandrescu spent the night in Bucharest Police’s custody, after DNA prosecutors held him yesterday, under blackmail accusation. According to the investigators, Alexandrescu forced an administrator from RCS&RDS administrator to sign a contract in pre-established conditions.

To convince the complainant to sign, Antena 1’s boss is said to have manaced him with publishing articles that would have compromised him.

The stake of the blackmail Sorin Alexandrescu is accused of is a retransmission contract worth Euro 35M between Antena Group and RCS&RDS. More precisely, Alexandrescu wanted Antena Group to receive for its stations retransmission Euro 0.6/subscriber every month, for a total period of 5 years. This would have translated in a contract that would have generated Euro 36M for the press group.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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