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Digi 24 launches “Born in Romania” campaign


digi tv realitatea netStarting June 1st, Digi 2 launches “Born in Romania” campaign, aiming to show how close or how far Romanian children are from what their parents want for them.


For a week, between May 27th – June 1st, Digi24 will show viewers how it is to be ‘Born in Romania”, realizing a map of Romanian children’s situation and approaching the situation from multiple points of view: health, education, family, safety or violence.

In 30 reportages, the TV aims to identify the causes that place Romania on the last place among 29 countries when it comes of children’s welfare. In the same time, during the same week, Digi24 will have as guests in the studio kids that Romania takes pride in, winners at international competitions

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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