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How weather reflects in TV consumption: April’s audiences, down compared to March


televizorTV consumption in April was down compared to March, with Romanian spending less time in front of TVs, as audience data show.


During March’s evenings, almost 5.6M people from urban areas were watching TV every minute (on all channels), while in April, the viewership was under 5M people (700,000 viewers down).

In terms of daily average, 2.75M people were watching TV in march, with their number going down 400,000 in April. Decreases in audience affected all TVs.

Considering the average viewership in prime time, Pro TV went under 1M viewers (920,000 in April compared to 1.2M in March), Antena 1 comes second, but with less audience lost, only 25,000 viewers and an average viewership of 614,000 viewers.

The only channel that continued to gain audience during evenings is Kanal D, ranking third with 575.000 viewers, up 25.000 compared to March.

When it comes of news TVs and their evening audiences, Antena 3 remains the most watched news station, with 260.000 viewers (down 58.000 compared to March). On the other hand, B1 TV overpasses Romania TV with 84.000 viewers on average (minus 15,000 compared to March).

Romania TV looses a few places in audiences top and goes from 9 to 12, with 82.000 viewers (down 25.000 compared to March). Realitatea TV follows, with 58.000 viewers (9.000 less compared to March.

In terms of daily average, all TVs posted smaller audiences in April. This way, Pro TV has almost 200,000 less viewers in urban areas, Antena 1 – 100,000 less, Kanal D – 50,000 less. Except Pro TV, Antena 1, Kanal D and Acasa TV, no other TV station has over 100,000 viewers when it comes of daily average.

Antena 1 had 140,000 viewers in April in terms of daily average, 50,000 less compared to March, followed by Romania TV (54.000 viewers), B1 (52.000) and Realitatea TV (40.000).

See here the audience of TV station in urban areas, in March and April, after the prime time average viewership.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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