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In Brief: RCS, fined in Hungary for illegally removing Discovery from its programs offer


RCS&RDSDigi TV was fined Euro 116,846 by Hungarian National Authority for Media and Communication (NMHH) for removing illegally certain TV channels from its offer, according to Broadband TV News.


Last year, more RCS subscribers complained that Digi removed over night, without previous announcements, the Discovery channels from the cable packages.

NMHH considered that subscribers should have been announced 30 days in advance before this kind of changes were operated, so they could move to some other cable provider, in case they wished so.

RCS removed Discovery channels from its offer in Hungary in November 2012. In the end of the same month, Discovery channels were also removed from RCS packages in Romania, after the retransmission contract between the 2 parties expired. RCS refused to prolongue the contract on the grounds that Discovery demanded too high prices

Last Autumn, RCS launched its own documentary channels: Digi Life, Digi World and Digi Animal World. Moreover, in the start of this year, RCS received the right to distribute the channels to other cable providers, under the name Life, World and Animal World.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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