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Intact and Pro TV SA divided between them Romanian TV market in April


televizorThe 2 main TV groups in Romania, Intact and Pro TV S.A., have almost equal market quotes in April, according to Kantar Media measurements: 21,8%, respectively 21,64% (urban, all day), Forbes writes. Kanal D added 1% to its viewership quota, consolidating its 3rd position in the audiences’ top.


Antena 1’s market share increased in April by 0,87%, to 13,76% (urban, all day). Besides Antena 1, Intact also includes Antena2, Antena 3 (5,86%), Euforia TV (0,67%) and GSP TV (0,24%).

Pro TV’s stations had, in April, a total market share of 21.64 (urban, all day), down 1,63% compared to March. The most notable decrease was for Pro TV, down 1,74% compared to March, to 15.73% in Appril.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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